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Welcome to the Counselor's Corner! We are glad that your student is at North View! On this page we hope to provide resources that will help your child through the journey of elementary school. There are many new questions that come up during these developing years. Tune back throughout the year for more resources that will be posted.

At North View we have many programs and services to support students. If your child is having trouble connecting with friends, anxiety at school, has had a loss in the family, or is having trouble with behavior at school, we offer individual school counseling times to meet and talk about the issue. We also try to create a plan or steps that the student can take to empower them to make a change in their situation.

We also offer small group programs throughout the year on different topics, such as ADHD group, personal space, students dealing with divorce, family change, friendship group, and others as there is need. Teachers and parents usually refer students to participate in these groups.

I also have the opportunity to visit each classroom during the month to talk about the month's character trait. The list of traits that we cover are on the left of this page. Each teacher chooses a student at the end of the month who showcases that month's trait who is able to attend the Student Lunch Bunch. This is a special lunch that I host on the stage, where these students get to eat Papa John's pizza, eat cookies, and drink milk provided by the PTO.  We appreciate the PTO's support of this program!  You can see the pictures of students who have been chosen for Student Lunch Bunch below!

If you think your child would benefit from individual or group counseling at North View, please email me at or call (765)747-5422.